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Single Release!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this last weekend’s Single Release Shows! They went better than we even hoped and gave away many copies of the new track, ‘Ordinary.’ (A very special thanks to Andrew Berlin for this expertise in the studio!)

If you were unable to attend the shows we’ve got a pretty sweet deal for you… Follow the link below, join our mailing list and you can download the song FOR FREE. It’s that easy.

So take a listen and let us know what you think…

P.S. See you on Saturday June 14th at 5PM at Taste of Fort Collins right before COLLECTIVE SOUL!!

On the Road

We will once again be heading down to SXSW in Austin, TX this year with YellowBright and SpokesBUZZ, as part of the #COmusic Party! (Yes, we hashtag that everywhere) Please check out the Colorado Music Party’s site, they have some very cool things going on and lots of great bands on the roster this year. If you’re heading down this year, you can RSVP right from that link. Free food and booze? Can’t go wrong with that.

Here’s a lineup of our Texas shows so far:
Thursday March 13th – Chuggin’ Monkey @3PM (Red Gorilla Fest)
Friday march 14th – 512 Bar @12:50 (COmusic Party, YellowBright Stage)

In the meantime, here’s a nice little treat from our friends at The Marquee as part of their Under the Marquee series. We filmed this right out in front of Hodi’s right after soundcheck at our Feb 7th show (which was absolutely amazing, thank you all so much!) It was uh, pretty cold, but a lot of fun. Please enjoy!

New Music!!

…is where our heads have been lately. The holidays must have made us a little restless. No, we don’t have any recordings that we’re ready to share with you yet, but just be aware that we’ll be debuting some new songs (unannounced of course) at our upcoming shows. We’d love to get some audience reaction to some of these new ones.

Speaking of shows, we will be at the Aggie Theater this coming weekend, January 25th to be exact, for the My Body Sings Electric Cd Release Show. This is our first show of the year so it’d be nice to have everyone out to support some good friends of ours as they release new music! See? All kinds of new music going around.

Also of note: Remember that super awesome birthday party that I threw myself last year at Hodi’s Halfnote with the Epilogues? Well… It just so happens that schedules align once again this year and that we will be playing with the Shatterproof, the Epilogues and national touring band Night Riots at Hodi’s Halfnote on Feb 7th!

See you soon…

Fall is upon us!

I love this time of year. We usually get a lot of writing done. We’re feeling pretty inspired for one reason or another. Lots of ideas happening. That’s of course, not to say that we don’t have shows coming up. Not the least of which is a super awesome birthday party happening for our good friend James at Road 34 on Nov 16th! We’re rocking with IN THE WHALE. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

We just got back yesterday from our trip out to Salt Lake City and Boise. What a great little weekender. We met so many awesome people. Timm, Lori, Michael, Amanda, you know who you are… Let’s see if I can remember how to upload a photo.

There we go. See? Awesome. A very Boise Halloween bash. A big thanks to everyone who came out to party with us. OK I’ll keep this short, time to get back to applying for SXSW showcases… See you in March, Austin! For you FoCo locals, check out our events page and come say hello!


Stuff and Things

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy couple of months since our new record, Digging Secrets came out, but I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post to let you know what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up.

Amy got an electric cello! It’s pretty amazing. It sounds good, it folds up and fits nicely into the van. It won’t feedback on stage as much as her other cello. Plus, a lot of our friends got together and pitched in to help us get it. Amazing. You should come hear it soon. At shows. In fact…

Soooo as far as shows, this link will take you to the SpokesBUZZ page of the UMS, or Underground Music Festival that’s happening in Denver next weekend. It will show you the schedule of FoCo bands performing as well as give you a link for a pretty sweet discount on tickets. This is a Denver festival so we’ve got to fly our Fort Collins colors. We play three times all weekend, don’t miss it.

After that, we finally get to play with one of our favorite bands to watch, The Widow’s Bane! This show is taking place July 27th at the Aggie Theater. We haven’t played the Aggie in a long while so I’m sure we’ll be bugging you again about this one.

Aside from that we’ve just been finally spending some much needed time on the business side of running a band. Making ourselves a legal entity, opening bank accounts, you know, for our large amounts of cash (ha!), looking at publishing deals, booking, the list goes on. It’s all very exciting. Probably. To someone. Maybe.

Anyway, I digress, keep cool this summer, please check out our events page and come say hello sometime. We’ll see you soon,


CD Release

Hey Everyone, tomorrow is the day. It’s happening. Wow, are we ready. Yup, looking forward to having this record out on the streets. In fact, if you’re the late night type and you’re reading this right now, you can take a listen right from this website, on that little widget directly to the right of this blog box —–>

For those of you just joining us, the record is called ‘Digging Secrets,’ it’s the first record with our new rhythm section and our first full length recorded at The Blasting Room with engineer Chris Beeble. It’s a big change for us and we’re very, very happy to finally have it available for the public. Our release party is May 18th at Hodi’s Halfnote (tomorrow) with our friends Rachel and the Kings and Shatterproof. If for some crazy reason you can’t make it to the release show, we will be making the rounds of northern Colorado over the next few weeks, saturating the area with our presence. Get ready, we’re coming for you.

Honestly though, we’re excited (as if you can’t tell), this is a very big step for us. We really hope to see you there May 18th!!

P.S. Here’s some recent press we’ve gotten in anticipation of the new record:

Steal This Track

Coloradoan Ticket

KRFC SongShare

Videos and Releases for ‘Digging Secrets’

Please check the video for our new song ‘Digging Secrets’ off of our record of the same name coming out MAY 18th! We are having a small (ok a really big) release party at Hodi’s Halfnote with our friends Shatterproof and Rachel and Kings. In the meantime here’s a video recorded live at So and So Studios in Denver by our buddies Drew and Jeff from The Foot.


So here’s the part where I talk about how long a journey making this record has been and how we’ve overcome so much just to get here and have it done.

But you know what? It’s actually all been pretty awesome.

We entered the wonderful Blasting Room Studios on January 2nd (had to make the most of our year, right?) with engineer Chris Beeble and knocked out 10 tracks of awesomeness. This was our first record with Mark and Chris as our new rhythm section and they were great to work with and had awesome ideas throughout the whole process. We had done so much pre-production and had the songs so ready that we were just able to walk in with a clear plan and, with Mr. Beeble’s help, make a record that we are extremely proud of. Beeble mixed it in early February and after we get back from SXSW we’ll be ready to release this beast. We’ll be posting details about the release party soon…

Speaking of SXSW, we will be going to Austin in about 2 weeks (it really sneaks up) and rocking a good number of showcases. We’ve got 4 so far I believe, not to mention we will be headlining SpokesBUZZ’s SXSW showcase which we feel extremely privileged to be doing! This is the year we ‘graduate’ from SpokesBUZZ so it’s really come full circle. Please check out our events page to see where we’re playing in Texas in case you’re coming down to join the fun. Check out what the BUZZ is doing to tie all of the Northern Colorado showcases together, It’s called the Colorado Music Party!

In the meantime, make sure to come to our March 9th show at the Summit Music Hall! We’re rocking with our good friends the Epilogues, and Eldren, as well as some FoCo favorites, Fierce Bad Rabbit and You, Me, and Apollo, and a bunch more. You really shouldn’t miss it. Get tickets online here, they’re cheap but not for long…


‘What You Made Me’ Official Video

A very special thanks to everone at SpokesBUZZ as well as our wonderful director and editor Tomas Herrera!

Holidays and Gratitude

Hey everyone, Nick here.

It’s getting to be that time of the year, a little colder, holidays approaching, everything slows down a bit…

Well, I was just thinking back to the year that we’ve had with Post Paradise, and I’ve gotta say I never imagined that things would ramp up so quickly. Right after we got back from SXSW, I assumed we would have a pretty slow summer. As fate would have it, we ended up playing a show almost every week for 4-5 straight months, each one better than the last. We have so many people to thank for this epically fun twist of fate, from Dani, Julie and everyone at SpokesBUZZ, so many of our new Denver friends/bands like Will Dupree, Our friends from the Foot, Take to the Oars, In The Whale, Eldren, everyone at 93.3, as well as the amazing bands we met during our bandswap tour like I’m Not a Pilot and Herman Astro from Milwaukee and Tulips and Timebombs from Kansas. There are many more, but far too many to mention here…

All this, of course, would not have been possible without the hard work of the awesome people that have joined me on this ridiculous career of a rock band. Most of you know that we acquired a new bass player in May and a new drummer in June. Chris and Mark joined in a tumultuous and extremely busy time for the band and never backed down from the challenge once. They were absolute troopers, learning TONS of songs, practicing multiple times a week, getting blinded by lights, traveling to parts unknown, sleeping in vans, etc. Changing out an entire rhythm section at once is not an easy adjustment, but Amy and I were adamant about keeping the band going. She’s truly my best friend and always helps keep me positive.

Saving the best for last, I need to personally thank all of you who keep coming to shows, saying hello and generally help us to believe in what we do with this band. If we ever get anywhere in this business we’re going to owe it to all of our amazing friends and fans that keep giving us their unending support. That is the TRUTH.

Thanks to all this we haven’t slowed down one bit.

Alright, well, the busy summer did mean that we had to put the new record on the back burner for the time being, but now it’s feeling right, the songs are coming together and with any luck we’ll have something ready early next year. Be on the lookout…


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