Fan Theory

Wake me when it’s over
’cause I don’t wanna play this game
not anymore, not me
I’m afraid I’ll be discovered
I hide behind my layers of sarcasm and subtlety
Oh they’ll be oh so surprised
’cause I’m the kinda guy you can’t quite read…

Tell me something ’cause I wanna believe
that there’s more left to see
I’m so tired of the ordinary
The party’s over and I just wanna leave
Oh it’s such irony that you’ll all move on
while I’m stuck being me

I sit and write these words
I think about the people that I know I’ll never meet
The ones who’re with me listening
You validate my ego and my insecurities
Oh they’ll be oh so inspired
’cause I’m the kinda guy you shouldn’t believe…

Terrible or great?
A battle in my brain
no matter what you say

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