Lyrics by Nick Duarte

Put on a show for the restless and the brokenhearted
Sing us a song about how you never finish what you started
Lead us along and we’ll follow, you’re the one we count on
Give us a line about the lover or the absent father
Tell us of pain
Tell us of love
Tell us you feel our hearts and know what we’re thinking of
Tell us of fame
Tell us of drugs
Tell us about your life and how it’s not good enough
Put on a show, you’re surrounded but you’re feeling so alone
Singing a song that you wrote down but you never get to own
You’re such a lie and we love you for it every single day
You gave us a taste of some new blood, now you’ll never get away
So you put on a show but you wonder who it is you’re playing for
Singing a song like it’s something that we haven’t heard before…


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