Lyrics by Nick Duarte

In this room with no view
I sit and I’m writing to you
The letters that you’ll never get
It’s a quarter to two
I stare at the clock that I bought
And the calendar I’ve never used
‘Cause all of the days, the days I know them by heart
I know that’s not saying a lot
Mental pictures of you
They won’t be the best I can do
‘Cause baby I’ll see you soon
I’ll see you soon
Yeah, you know I’m coming love
Like I said I would long ago
I’m sorry that my mind was set in stone
That I left you all alone
That my life’s not mine to own
It’s the solitude that’s been eating me alive
Now I’ve gotten tired of this game
I’m sorry that our secrets couldn’t hide
That I’m not the private kind
And I want you by my side
Don’t you think that it’s strange
We say we’ve changed in ways that make it better than
If after the day we parted ways we stayed the same and wasted it


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