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Dine and Wine by Candlelight

Dine and Wine by Candlelight

When my friend Nick Turner, co-owner of the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, invited my husband and me to a “Wine and Dine by Candlelight,” we had no idea what a wonderful evening was in our future!  And, while usually focus on music in my reviews, the food here was sooo wonderful, I had to pass it [...]

New Talent Showcase

New Talent Showcase

ACME New Talent Music and Art Showcase Featuring Post Paradise at 7:30 pm If you’re in the northern Colorado area, here’s a great chance to catch the new and upcoming band, Post Paradise – tonight! Hosted by Scene Magazine Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 3:30pm – 11:30pm Venue: Hamilton’s at 214 Linden St, Fort Collins, [...]

Post Paradise – Awesome new music in northern Colorado

Post Paradise - Awesome new music in northern Colorado

A few weeks ago, Bob and I saw an new band called Post Paradise open at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado (from which we hail).  At this, only their 3rd live show, the group (formed less than six months ago) performed a set of 10 original songs which showing great promise for this fledgling band. As [...]

SXSW 09 – Quincy Jones & Incredible Protégé Alfredo Rodriguez

SXSW 09 - Quincy Jones & Incredible Protégé Alfredo Rodriguez

We spent ALL DAY last Thursday with the amazing Quincy Jones. He probably doesn’t know it, because there were always 200-2000 other people there as well , but WE knew it and it was AWESOME. It was like spending the day in the presence of giants and their ghosts and their shadows as Mr. Jones [...]

Day one done at SXSW ’09

Day one done at SXSW '09

It’s always the bands you find by accident that turn out to be the best, as you’ll find by reading further about new music recommendations from NPR vs what we found by stumbling down 6th Street… CFO Bob Carnahan and I arrived here in Austin last Friday to catch SXSW interactive, so even though yesterday [...]

The Jimi Austin at Hodi’s Hideaway

Since my Bob Carnahan, my erstwhile business partner, was busy last Friday, I took my husband Dave with me to Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado to see The Jimi Austin, a band my business partner Bob and I had been impressed with at the Bohemian Nights festival as part of Fort Collins New West Fest. Sadly, [...]