Quincy Jones Reveals a New Gem – Nikki Yanofsky

Tonight at SXSW, Quincy Jones gave us a new, amazingly talented artist… Nikki Yanofsky. And, blessing us all, he presented Ms. Yanofsky with the amazing Alfredo Rodriguez on the keys with the tightest combo with which any jazz singer ever had the pleasure of performing.

At the tender age of 18, Ms. Yanofsky delivered original music, Etta James’ standards, and free form skat with the power, energy and poise of a woman twice her age. It was, in short, a spiritual jazz experience.

On this, Quincy Jones 80th birthday, all we can do or say is… Thank you Quincy for the amazing talent you bring to the world, and the amazing talent in the world that you expose for our fabulous enjoyment!

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