Post Paradise – Awesome new music in northern Colorado

A few weeks ago, Bob and I saw an new band called Post Paradise open at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado (from which we hail).  At this, only their 3rd live show, the group (formed less than six months ago) performed a set of 10 original songs which showing great promise for this fledgling band.

Post Paradise

Post Paradise are Nick Duarte (guitar/vocals), Josh Freed (bass), Amy Morgan (cello) and Craig Babineau (drums)

As you may know, at Savvant Music we search for music that is polished, with great live shows, awesome original music, well performed musically and ready for discerning listeners, and yet still under the radar of the major labels and major indies.  As such, we don’t usually write up bands that are just forming, but we’re making an exception with Post Paradise, because we’re so impressed with their fantastic song writing, arrangements and musicality of their performance.

Starting off at Hodi’s with Better Off Post Paradise immediately caught us with their full sound and very energetic and professional stage show.  Working through failing microphones and lack of monitor support, front man and composer Nick Duarte handled the challenging situation without batting an eye, pushing through the problems and delivering a great show through it all.

Post Paradise Live

Post Paradise live

Duarte’s compositions use chord progressions and voicings you might not be used to in many rock bands, yet even with a cello instead of a guitar on the instrumental leads, this is unabashed rock music.  The rock steady groove set down by bassist Josh Freed and drummer Craig Babineau provides a rock and roll canvas for the lyrical counterpoint of Duarte’s well sung vocal melodies and the rocking riffs ripping out from the lovely Amy Morgan on the cello.

Another favorite song of mine on Post Pardise‘s playlist is the hard hitting irony in A Way With Words in which Duarte rocks back and forth between “A face that screams sincerity” and “The kind of fake that you adore” underlined with an intense and driving counter melody played by Morgan on the cello.

Post Paradise doesn’t yet have any formally released albums, but if you’re lucky you can pick up a free demo CD at one of their upcoming gigs. They’ll be playing on Saturday, April 11th at 6:00pm as part of the Fort Collins Music Experiment (FoCoMX) at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, Colorado on the bill with The Heyday, The Piggies, Common Anomaly, Roe and more. FoCoMX will feature over 100 bands from northern Colorado and is being put on by the Fort Collins Musicians Association (

Note: Post Paradise recordings, songs and lyrics are copyright Post Paradise and are streamed here with permission.

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  1. Don’t forget to follow @PostParadise on Twitter! Don’t forget to follow me (@AnnySavvant) and Bob (@CFO_Bob) too!

    Just picked up this update from @PostParadise (which is Nick, by the way) on Twitter…

    Post Paradise is playing two live local (Fort Collins, CO) radio shows coming up soon:
    - April 7th, KCSU 90.5FM from 5-6pm, and
    - May 4th, Live at Lunch on KRFC 88.9FM from 12-1

  2. hm.. bookmarked ))

  3. Hi everybody! I just wanted to add that Post Paradise played at the FOCOMX show at the Aggie a couple of weeks ago to an awesome crowd, and they are now scheduled to play during Bohemian Nights during New West Fest with other shows coming soon. We’ll have some new demos up for them soon as well!

  4. Fantastic band! I’ve seen them multiple times and they never fail to play a great set. Their songs are all extremely well composed and both the live and recorded versions sound great. The first time I heard these guys (and girl) I knew that they hadn’t played together very long, but I was blown away by how much chemistry they possess and how they’ve managed to find a unique sound that works so well for them. If you want to see a great up-and-coming local band, check out Posts Paradise, you won’t regret it!

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