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Quincy Jones Reveals a New Gem – Nikki Yanofsky

Tonight at SXSW, Quincy Jones gave us a new, amazingly talented artist… Nikki Yanofsky. And, blessing us all, he presented Ms. Yanofsky with the amazing Alfredo Rodriguez on the keys with the tightest combo with which any jazz singer ever had the pleasure of performing. At the tender age of 18, Ms. Yanofsky delivered original [...]

Dine and Wine by Candlelight

Dine and Wine by Candlelight

When my friend Nick Turner, co-owner of the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, invited my husband and me to a “Wine and Dine by Candlelight,” we had no idea what a wonderful evening was in our future!  And, while usually focus on music in my reviews, the food here was sooo wonderful, I had to pass it [...]

Miracles …and other works of heart

Our good friends, acclaimed jazz pianist Mark Sloniker and talented singer Colleen Crosson, have teamed together to create a new musical work called Miracles .. and other works of heart.” Mark and Colleen will be debuting this album at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center where they will be opening for “An Evening with Deepak Chopra” [...]

SXSW 09 – Quincy Jones & Incredible Protégé Alfredo Rodriguez

SXSW 09 - Quincy Jones & Incredible Protégé Alfredo Rodriguez

We spent ALL DAY last Thursday with the amazing Quincy Jones. He probably doesn’t know it, because there were always 200-2000 other people there as well , but WE knew it and it was AWESOME. It was like spending the day in the presence of giants and their ghosts and their shadows as Mr. Jones [...]

Hadley Caliman Quintet Dazzles Denver

Hadley Caliman Quintet Dazzles Denver

Trumpeter Thomas Marriott put together a fantastic jazz quintet featuring the pure, clear and rich tenor sax tones of the amazing Hadley Caliman.  Marriott‘s deep melodious flugelhorn and rich trumpet tones were perfectly entwined with Caliman‘s when they played together, and yet they played nicely contrasting improvisational solos individually. A little tired of standing venues with [...]