Our Purpose

Hey, are you looking for new music?

Frustrated with radio stations that play the same boring pap over and over?

Know some great bands who can’t find a place to be heard?  Want to hear them?

Well, this is the place!

We’re still building Savvant Music, but in a few months, you’ll find this is the best place to find, download, learn about and listen to new rock music from some of the best, upcoming, new and tragically hip bands on the face of the earth.  We can’t wait! Hope you’ll join us in this rock adventure!

Our mission
is to find artists who are pushing the edge, delivering unique, break through music
- artists who will change the face of the music scene -
if only they can be heard by the people who care (that would be you by the way)!

What you’ll find here

Incredible, moving, fun and well played music and awesome songwriting. Across multiple genres, we’ll focus on the kind of music great bands play when they’re still young, hungry, and believe in their music.  Music that tears at the soul, reminds you why you’re here and rocks you to the depth of your being.

You’ll find information about these artists – who they are, why they are, where they are. You’ll find their MP3s, CDs, T-shirts and other cool stuff you can buy to support these dudes so they can keep packing up their gig vans and driving to the next town and playing great music for us all.

What you won’t find here

You won’t find Britney Spears.  You won’t find “boy bands”.  You won’t find manufactured pop, or movie soundtracks.  If that’s what you’re looking for go to your local “superstore” or any number of online music stores (just click on the link to your left)!

You won’t find tribute bands.  You won’t find “garage” bands. You won’t find people who can’t play or sing. You will just incredible music

PURE Filter

Savvant Music charges no fees to the artists we promote. We look
for low impact ways to generate revenue such as affiliate relationships,
music publishing opportunities, and advertising revenue opportunities.
We are a PURE filter. No band will be promoted, or featured, or
ranked because they bought a “platinum package” from us
– only because they play awesome music.

How you can get involved

Are you the person who people call to find out what music is new and hip? Are you tired of mainstream pop, “new rock” that isn’t, punk that is mainstream (how did that happen)?

If so, then you’re the exact person we’re designing this site for! And you can get involved by coming back and watching us progress, and when we deliver the kind of exciting, break through music you’re
looking for, then tell your music seeking friends about them. Take your friends to see them when they come to your site. Blog about them.

Oh, you’re just rich and want to support this effort with money?

Well, of course you can always just donate!