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Well everyone, it’s been one crazy summer. We couldn’t have envisioned that we’d stay as busy as we did these last 3 months, but it was amazing to be a part of so many festivals, shows, and events and to play with so many amazing bands, local and national, as well as see so many friends/fans at shows. This has been the best year yet for Post Paradise and it shows no signs up slowing down yet.

Tomorrow morning, Amy and I leave for Canada to be musical ambassadors for travel writers on behalf of the Colorado Board of Tourism and Colorado Creative Industries. Our acoustic performance takes place at Wildebeest in Vancouver, BC on September 18th. Please wish us luck as we represent Colorado music on our first trip out of the country!!

When we return we’ll be rocking a hometown show at Hodi’s Halfnote on October 4th for SpokesBUZZ’s Bandswap Homecoming show. We’ll be playing with iZcalli, Lords of the Trident (the band swap honorees from Madison, WI) and Stella Luce who will be releasing their new Ep that night. We’ll be rocking new lights and new songs from the upcoming record so it’s probably a good idea to show up to this one :)

Once that’s all set then it’s back into the studio to put the finishing touches on this new full length of ours… Really looking forward to getting this one completed, we’ve been working on it all year and didn’t anticipate we would be this busy with shows and opportunities. I’m definitely not complaining, it’ll be well worth the wait!