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Our mission at Savvant Music is to find artists who are pushing the edge, delivering unique, break through music – artists who will change the face of the music scene – if only they can be heard by the people who care (that would be you by the way)!

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Anny Randel

The president and energy behind Savvant Music Corporation, Anny brings a passion for music, a head for business, and 15 years of management experience to this leadership role.

Anny Randel, President of Savvant Music

Anny Randel, President of Savvant Music

Anny provides the vision of change in the music industry, genuine concern for and focus on the success of the artists, not just the business.

With an in-depth technical background in computer sciences and years of management experience in customer support, process development and technical development, Anny knows how to use the Internet and technical breakthroughs to create new paradigms in industry. Coupled with great artists, music industry veteran-advisors and enthusiastic music lovers, we know this is a winning combination for new music, artist and business success.

Anny will lead the Savvant Music team through growing pains to build a thriving business and music culture that will set the model for the future of the music industry.

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You will see links to advertisers and affiliates (primarily Apple iTunes and Amazon.com) throughout our web site. We use these revenue sources to fund our search for new artists and to pay our bills for hosting, web development, attorney fees, etc. Eventually we plan to fund support and promotion of some of these awesome bands from advertising, affiliation and other revenues.

So, please bear with us, and support our advertisers and affiliates by clicking through links on our site to help us with this very important work!

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11 Responses to “ About ”

  1. yo anny,

    how u go?

    music keeping you busy?


  2. hey amy this is Ben the DJ I talked to you outside. I produce alot of music too you can check out some of the productions and mixes at bltsandwich.net I just made the website but it should be fully functional.

  3. Hey Anny and Bob!

    Great site! I did catch a typo. You say your care musical instruments and it should be carry.

    Just a pointer as I looked through the site. We had a blast with you guys last night and would like to learn more of your company and how you plan to move it forward. Perhaps we could learn from each other in our new ventures.

    What a rain storm. You guys will love this. I watched it rain and rain and rain from the bar and did not realize my sun roof was open. I had a full load of water in my car when we went outside. Thanks again for the umbrella. It helped!

    Rick and Susan

  4. Check out this band, you won’t be disappointed.

    Regret Night
    September 17, 2009 @ The Marquis Theatre 7:00 p.m.
    Contact: Regretnight5@yahoo.com
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/regretnight

  5. Hi Sara! Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll try to get down to the Marquis on Friday to check them out!

  6. Buon Giorno Ragazzi,

    We message you as the Original/Electro/Dance/Lounge/Pop/Chillout/Nujazz-Italiano band,Ganesh from Italia,we’ve been releasing music independently since 2002,initialy on Indie Nujazz-Italiano label,Scenario Music http://www.scenariomusic.it and as group we are here http://www.soundcloud.com/ganeshmusik (with lyrics), http://www.ganeshmusik.com or http://www.myspace.com/ganeshmusik and we are interested in getting onto your roster,if the space permits.

    For tracks from the second album “Club 21″ including the Smoothened out radio singles “Kizzmaijazz#2 and #1″,”Evergreen”,”Thanx for The Music”,”Mr Brown”and tracks from the current 3rd “Life is Beautiful” including the debut album “Sopra la Soglia” feat “In my Heart”,”il Coure del Pianeta”,”Guarda in Alto”,pls check this link out http://www.amazingtunes.com/users/ganeshmusik

    We are a fully professional touring band with many a good show under our belt not only supporting top international acts but also headlining our own shows.
    We are with no agency at the moment thus the mail to you.

    We offer a full live band set performing tracks from the groups last three albums with the option of the resident Dj,Dj Enzo Ponzio here http://www.myspace.com/djenzoponzio or http://soundcloud.com/enzo-ponzio finishing the night off with a Dj set.

    As said earlkier,tracks from the groups third album “LIfe is Beautiful” including the radio singles “We are Ganesh” and the Acousto-Chillout cover “I’ve been thinking About you” are also on soundcloud here http://www.soundcloud.com/ganeshmusik (with lyrics)

    Pls feel free to check us out and if you require any more info pls feel free to get back to us.

    Kind Regards,


  7. Hi Anny,

    Great to meet you tonight at the SpokesBUZZ event. Thanks for mentioning Savvant Music–I’ve been back in FoCo for four years but just learning how much depth there is to the local music scene.

    Keep up the great work! Best,

  8. Hi Mark! It was great to meet you too! So sorry to take so long to reply… I’ve been crazy busy getting ready for SXSW! Look for new SpokesBUZZ photos to show up soon!

  9. Hello Anny! We’re a Ft Collins, CO based Indie Blues Influenced Band named “Monkey Paw Finger”. We’ve recently released our new CD “Smokin’ Banana” on iTunes, Amazon MP3′s, Spotify, emusic & Deezer. We performed at FOCOMX 2012 and are trying to work with Spokebuzz also. I am interested in what Savvant Music does. Thanks!

  10. Hi Anny I generally visited your website and i am just glad to be here and to listen all top class musics.

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