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We derived the name "Savvant" from the combination of the words savvy and savant in order to convey what we offer here... Unique music that hs the potential to change and grow the state of the art. Artists that are over looked because they are too different, too far out on the edge, too risky for radio stations to risk their advertisers or for major labels to risk their reputation or capital.

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The long awaited interview of Cormac Neeson, front man for The Answer is finally posted in our blogs! Also there... the latest information on what we're doing and who we're finding that's worth listening too!

We're working on adding an artist page for The Answer and writing up a recent interview with the all women Americana/Rock group Blame Sally -- they're awesome.

We're also working with our local musicians associations, FoCoMA. to help support local up and coming artists.

If you have input as to bands we should see, please post a comment on our blogs! We'd love to hear from you.

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