Pulled Apart by Horses Rips Up Austin at SXSW 2011

Another great night of English bands started out with the British Music Embassy Launch party at SXSW 2011.  Opening with Dry the River (see photos from yesterday’s posting), the line up included singer/songwriter Jamie Woon and wrapped up with the very popular Bombay Bicycle Club.

London pop band Black Cherry

Black Cherry

The SXSW 2011 showcase for London band Black Cherry at the Prague Night Club, and this bandrocked this basement bar.  Lead singer Megane Quashie put on a fantastic show, both vocally and as pure entertainment.  The band was tight and clean with a great pop sound that kept you wanting to move to the groove.

From there we went to The Red Eyed Fly to see Pulled Apart by Horses, and I honestly don’t have any idea how to describe this amazing, wild, hard rocking band… Guitarist James Browns looks like a cross between Tom Hanks and John Mayer, but he rocks the guitar and stage more like Jimi Hendrix, climbing the walls and sliding across a bar full of drinks.

British rock band Pulled Apart by Horses put on a great show at The Red Eyed Fly at SXSW 2011 in Austin, TX

Thomas Hudsons of Pulled Apart by Horses

Vocalist/guitarist Thomas Hudsons is a total wild man who worked himself into such a frenzy that he puked mid concert and then just kept right on performing.  This was an amazing show, but be warned, these lads rock hard and their show isn’t for the delicate palate.  It was pretty freaking awesome though.

I’ll upload more great photos tomorrow, but meanwhile, I have to crash!

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