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Nicole Atkins at the Austin City Limits Studio

Nicole Atkins with Future Clouds and Radar

Last Sunday night in Austin, we all piled into a taxi and headed off to the Austin City Limits Studio for a terrific party thrown by PBS.

The PBS party was held in the KLRU Austin building where the world famous Austin City Limits stage is located. Being near this stage where so many amazing performances have been seen and heard was in and of itself a breathtaking event, but watching the two terrific young bands playing on that stage Sunday night made it a night to remember.

Future Clouds and Radar at the PBS Party for SXSW Interactive at Austin City Limits Studio

Future Clouds and Radar

The opening act featured vocalist Nicole Atkins, backed by a terrific band Future Clouds and Radar (who had been recommended to me before). Nicole Atkins sings with a powerful and emotive voice, and she works very well with Future Clouds and Radar – even though this was their first gig together.  You can see a video from Sunday night’s performance at:

Then we were treated to an awesome rock show by a great British trio, Band of Skulls.  Despite the somewhat morbid name of this fantastic group, lead singer Russell Marsden delivers wonderfully sweet, smooth and clear vocals backed by his own ripping guitar riffs.  Tall, lean and serious, Emma Richardson plays a solid bass line and complementary vocals.

Russell Marsden of Band of Skulls at PBS Party at SXSW Interactive at the Austin City Limits Studio

Russell Marsden of Band of Skulls

We’ll definitely be looking to see much more of Band of Skulls at SXSW. They’re playing at the British Embassy Showcase as 6:35pm, Wednesday, March 17th at Latitude 30.

Band of Skulls at the Austin City Limits Studios

Band of Skulls at the Austin City Limits Studios

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  1. Jessica Thornton – Mindy Thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy slchduee to take photos of my nieces during their visit. You have such a talent and these photos are something my whole family will treasure for a long time. Just looking at them on your blog makes me smile! Thanks again, so much! J.

  2. you don’t have to follow the same path to get where you are. I did. I was an avid maaicign in Jr High, played in bands in high school and college, and was a studio engineer before I got a job at a production studio making commercials.I also recently struck out on my own, attempting to make a stand for the righteous (or the deranged, depending on your view). Leaving the nest was easy though when my boss denied me a due raise and bought a new Porsche in the same week.Viva la revolucion!

  3. I’ve listened to every poetensatirn you’ve posted, and every time I listen, I am more inspired. 3D is my kind of thing, and someday, because of your intelligence, I’ll have a career that I love! When I get into college, you should come and give a poetensatirn! Many Many Thanks- Jared Swanson

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