Is it a review?

We initially started out our Savvant Music blogs to be just that, blogs not reviews.  Our original intent was for these to be notes from gigs researching possible artists for Savvant Music. However, over time we realized that more and more we were really reviewing the bands.

As a result, I’ve gone back and edited some of my earlier blogs about artist that had some notes about some improvements we’d like to see about bands, to just tell you what we liked.  So, how do you know which bands to see, and which to avoid?

Well, if you’re a music lover, then go see them all, because we won’t write up any really horrible bands.  If they aren’t worth seeing, we won’t waste our time or your time. 

If you’re very, very picky, and only want to see the best of the best, then we’ll give you a Savvant Music guarantee that any band on our recommendations page is amazing, awesome and worth the time and money to see — assuming that their genre and style is to your taste.  In other words, you may or may not like a given band’s style, but if we recommend them, you can count on seeing a great, professional show by amazing musicians.

In our reviews,  we’ve classified bands as potential, which means they’re still working on polishing their act and amazing which means they’re pretty much there but we either haven’t had time to put together a “Recommendations” page, or the artist(s) are more mainstream than we generally look for in our recommendations policies.  Sometimes we put them in both categories, because we think they’re pretty amazing, but they are still growing and changing.

I hope this better meets your needs and better aligns these blogs with our overall goals of supporting artists’ efforts and willingness to put it all out there!

5 Responses to “ Is it a review? ”

  1. Hey Anny, I met you at the entrepreneur meeting tonight. I can see your passion for supporting artists. The best of luck to you in this new, laudable venture. I’m going to email you a band recommendation now. :-)

  2. Thanks Lauren! It was great meeting you as well! Can’t wait to hear your band recommendations. My daughter’s nurse at the hospital this week, a super-nice guy named Jason, recommend we check out a local band called 20XIII (Twenty Thirteen). Anybody heard them?

  3. Anny,
    Follow the link to the Myspace account for 20XIII (Twenty Thirteen). They are great bunch of musicians and people and we would love to see you at a show sometime. I stumbled upon this while Google searching our name…It made me smile…

    Jeremy Michael (Jrock)
    20XIII (Twenty Thirteen)

  4. Thanks Jeremy! As a matter of fact, we caught the 20XIII show at the Aggie last Friday. They were terrific! Here’s a followable link for anyone interested in very heavy metal:

    I’ll write more about them later!

  5. Very nice. We appreciate the fact that you came out to the show. We will be having some really big shows coming up on the horizon and our music will be spinning on 106.7 KBPI very soon. Thanks again.


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