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Hadley Caliman Quintet Dazzles Denver

Hadley Caliman Quintet Dazzles Denver

Trumpeter Thomas Marriott put together a fantastic jazz quintet featuring the pure, clear and rich tenor sax tones of the amazing Hadley Caliman.  Marriott‘s deep melodious flugelhorn and rich trumpet tones were perfectly entwined with Caliman‘s when they played together, and yet they played nicely contrasting improvisational solos individually. A little tired of standing venues with [...]

Is it a review?

We initially started out our Savvant Music blogs to be just that, blogs not reviews.  Our original intent was for these to be notes from gigs researching possible artists for Savvant Music. However, over time we realized that more and more we were really reviewing the bands. As a result, I’ve gone back and edited [...]